Spring Spheres

A Springfisher
Tree bark art
Scented colors

It’s an annual magic when a bare winter landscape rapidly turns into scenic fields of scented colors. Do I remember winter? Daylight saving time can be a nuisance, though. One hour too early to bed, one hour too early rising and one hour too early in the field with a too bright light for photography. Going with the flow of Nature is more my thing.

Young peacock looking up
Two young peacocks on fence
Bird of paradise

Sun and cool air and fresh scented colors make for the new season. I am all for it. Spring brings strengthening optimism, that’s what you get from generous Nature. Without it progress is hardly possible. That’s the true spirit of a human being, optimistic and progressive, by nature.

Redbud tree trunk
Between houses
Redbud and light leaves
On the other side

“A positive outlook helps us solve problems and empowers us to forge a path forward” says author Kevin Kelly of Wired magazine. “That’s what humanity’s progress has been throughout history and why we have a moral obligation to be optimistic.” He is right. And, there is more.

Redbud branch
Field of Iris
Golden Heart Iris
Spring blue Scilla Peruviana

There is progress of awareness, seeing the deeper, wider and higher context of everything, that can prevent problems in the future. Bona fide optimism gives the inspiration and energy for progress which will keep Mother Earth liveable, lovable, and beautiful. Human beings have it all.

Residential Redbud
Beware of the Box
Harbor site
Cultural zone

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