Cassis – Always Different

Vineyards of Cassis
Yellow house at a vineyard
Weathered house – Cassis
Sunny roses

It’s the soft season, mid Spring, the best time for travel. My favorite nearby neighbor town is picturesque Cassis, it takes only thirty minutes by train or bus and you’re there, amidst mountains, vineyards, a little park, a little harbor, attractive beaches and marvellous views.

View from the park – Cassis
Morning market – Cassis
Former bakery
Not gelato – Two roses

Same place but always different. I feel inspired after seeing some nearby vineyards. At the morning market people are easy going. No sense of rush, even when queuing up at the bakery to get your fresh panini and a cup of French dark roast coffee, people keep smiling.

Cassis’ little harbor
Small private boats – Cassis harbor
At the Light House
Yucca in full bloom

One can do a lot in Cassis in just a day as the town is small and all attractive sites are in and around it. The bakery is at the corner of the harbor, at the harbor site you find the first beaches, the nearest vineyards are walking distance from the center. It’s a dream town.

Beach with a view on Cap Canaille
Not sailing boats – Bird of Paradise
Quiet Mediterranean sea at Cap Canaille – Cassis
Peony seed pod star

With a clear blue sky and the sun at Zenith, the next season can be felt. A troubadour with guitar sings with full heart his love for Cassis, the dream town of his life. A young guitarist sits opposite him, is fascinated and interested to learn from this man who radiates contentment.

After the morning market
Man and his guitar
The troubadour of Cassis
The best of Spring – Spring roses

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