Everything is Alright

Flying in a blue sky
Onward forward
Nature’s script
Grey tree bark

Oh, we human beings, always clashing, opposing, wanting to go one way and others the other. Turbulent times raise awareness, for progress, but too slow and too painful this goes. Naturally, that’s how it is, going backward ten steps and going forward one step. A perpetual drama of deep versus shallow, true versus false, and all nuances in between.

Is this Spring?
Flowers in the forest
Deep contrasts
A yellow bouquet

Here in France, today, it is the change of the pension-age that causes turbulence. Who is right? In the Netherlands, the biggest party in the Senate is the one that opposes climate change regulations for the farmers. That cannot be right? The good news in between is the International Criminal Court in The Hague issuing an arrest warrant for war criminal Putin. That is very right.

Protest against pension-age change
Lunch at the square
French chanson .. let’s dance
A boat’s bottom up
Vieux Port

Marseille’s center has a true heart. Everyone loves being here. It’s a center of old and new, traditional and modern, church and karaoke. You will hear genuine French chansons sung by street musicians. They make you feel human again. In the midst of turbulent times, a deeply touching chanson can enter the heart of everyone and everything is alright.

Black cat’s red-blue eyes – detail of wall poster
Smart phone culture
A dog’s tail
Architecture and Design

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