Turning Points

Down to the Centre
Ferry boat leaving Vieux Port
Fort St Jean – Marseille
Turning Points – City of Marseille

At the end of this year I rather look forward. I like how Avaaz presents this year’s progress – Nature COP15, the UN Biodiversity Summit having achieved a historic breakthrough in governments signing a new global deal in protecting the world’s biodiversity. Of course, this cannot be separated from dealing with the climate crisis as both are intertwined.

A pedestrian bridge with a view
The Reader
Roof terrace of the museum Mucem
Corsica ferry coming in

The global biodiversity protection deal promises to protect at least 30% of the planet, land and sea, with extensive funding – together with protecting the rights of Indigenous People, placing them at the heart of global biodiversity. That’s hard work from 2023 onward, turning words into action but with our growing awareness all should be possible.

A Gingko Biloba tree still in its Autumn dress
The light leaves of Gingko Biloba
Fallen leaves in a courtyard
Last colors of Autumn

The combination city and Nature is ideal, it’s like dynamic daily life contained by quiet mountains. Going from society’s busy activities into Nature’s tranquil presence. It looks that the pandemic and the extreme weather over the past years bring more people to the Calanques – for repose and rejuvenation, for the joy and fullness of life.

Refreshing walks in the Calanques
A quiet place
Transparent tree
Winter scene

It is also hoped that with the growing global awareness – conspiracy theory circles and politicians of falsehoods and climate crisis deniers come to a halt or lose their ground and the world’s focus gets fixed on taking true Action fast forward. Onward forward in the year 2023!

Fallen leaves on a hedge
Celebrating the end of the year – dynamic street jazz in Marseille

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