Tranquil Mountain

On the trail of adventure
Rock formations of the Calanques of Marseille
Man and dog under a Pine tree
Pine trees on the limestone mountains of the Calanques

After weeks of not really great weather, I went for a hike to a spot in the Calanques that I rarely visit though I had forgotten that Sundays are crowded days. For most people that’s the only day they can go hiking. I prefer becoming part of tranquil Nature and surprisingly, where I was going it became increasingly quiet. It was the right day after all.

Woman taking a photo of the coastal view
Looking down over the edge
In the tranquillity of the Calanques
A Sunday afternoon at the right spot

The pine trees and their forests are an inherent part of the Calanques. I admire these trees since the day I realised how well they are adapted to the challenging conditions of limestone rock and summer heat and how they add their own artistic beauty to the fantastic limestone decor of the Calanques. They are made for each other. Rock and tree.

Afternoon light in a Pine tree forest
Shrubs on limestone ground
Spotlit bush in the forest
Forest path

On a Wednesday afternoon I visited the equestrian center as on such a day there are various activities happening with ponies and horses. The horses impress me by the patience they have with the often impatient nature of the young riders. They understand from experience that it can take time for a human being to become a skilled horse rider.

Learning the skills of horse riding
Good friends riding ponies
Horse in sunlight
Special horse riding class in the indoor arena

Learning a skill like horse riding in your early years seems to me ideal. Your mostly restless nature learns to develop attention and respect for another sensitive being like a horse. Most young riders seem to be content and enjoying it. They also need to take care of the horses afterwards. That makes it a complete and bonding experience.

A content horse rider
Autumn light
Getting it right
That’s Autumn

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