Scenes in the Light

Lit corner on the coast
Winter flora in the Calanques
Light coming in

The winter season light is subtle with sporadically strong light piercing through the overcast sky. If the sun breaks through then there is that sudden bright light falling on land and sea. One immediately feels better.

Sun behind tree
The church on the hill

When the sky is wide open it reveals an intense saturated blue that forms a contrasting background. Normally, the winter-scape looks pale and grey if not boring but that can also depend on your inner mood. We can’t blame Nature for everything.

Horse in its own single room
A playful run with the neighbor horse
Returning home

With such non-contrasty scenery I switch to black and white and suddenly things change into different and more telling images. There is always something possible to alter the perception of the day .. with or without camera.

Tram to Longchamp Palace
Palace view of Marseille
Coming out of the Palace

On one of my walks along the coast the grey sky breaks open. The sea is brightly lit on one specific spot while life continues around it. A moment of surprise, bringing shine to the day. One feels uplifted at once. Such is the power of the Sun.

Lit spot on the sea
Bright light on the road
Passing the bright spot

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