Absolute Autumn

Absolute Autumn
Fall-en in a pattern
Fall shade on the wall
Subtle beauty – an Ipomoea flower

There was an extended summer in most of western Europe, especially in Spain and France, lasting to the last day of October. The good thing was that it was more pleasant than the seasonal summer and the funny thing was that people started wearing autumn clothes while others continued wearing t-shirts and shorts. The same for trees. Some lost all their leaves. As usual. Others are still holding their leaves.

The Corsica Line
Going down to the sea
Narrow streets
Being close – Ipomoea flowers

Such sunny weather meant more enjoyment of the outdoors during the fall vacation. Or, should that be named the second summer vacation? Nevertheless, pleasant weather should be enjoyed. If the real summer was too hot for doing anything, this was the second chance to make up for it. November will now make autumn absolute.

A family spends an afternoon at the Equestrian Center
Fall colors
Sunlight on palm leaves
Light in the centre – Ipomoea flowers

Since the month of May, I had forgotten how “cold” would feel. Until two days ago when I decided to visit the sea area. Wind and sea can make for a dramatic spectacle when the wind is strong. As it was sunny, I didn’t think of cold until I arrived on the coast where there was a fierce and fresh wind. Ah, I thought, this is the first dip in temperature in quite awhile. It was the fourth day into November.

Wild waves daring surfers
Red leaves on wall
Behind the fence
My eyes on blue

Let’s talk about it. The climate crisis. Today, the climate change conference COP27 starts in Egypt where world leaders are in the position of making crucial decisions to change our industries by enforcing earth-protecting standards. We have been there before but always too weak to take concrete action. There is no other choice than going forward. It will take super Courage with a capital C.

Light in the hearts – Ipomoea flowers

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