Dynamic Drum Beats

Running water
Green bamboo
The sound of water

The sound of drumbeats made me orient myself. Where did it come from? Visiting the Botanical Garden for the celebration of Aki Matsuri, the Japanese fall festival, the dynamic drum sound appealed to me. The duo Enishibo were playing on Japanese percussion instruments.

Beating the Taiko – Japanese drum
Sand waves
Audience at the beat

One drum and one bamboo flute, two instruments that sounded like a big ensemble. The naturally quiet garden was now filled with uplifting tunes appropriate for the celebration of the autumn season – ‘when the abundant harvests bring peace of mind and make people sing’.

Drum and flute – the Enishibo Duo
Bamboo leaves
At the tea ceremony
Fall leaves

The festive ambience also carried quiet corners. The Japanese chess game of Shôgi was something new to me. Two persons with chess instructions beside them were playing the game amid the greenery of the garden. That’s a refreshing day spent on a game of concentration.

Trying out the Japanese chess game – Shôgi
Orange flames
The Kendo mask – martial arts with bamboo swords

No drums, no flute at the martial arts section and no silence either but a regular and fierce shout coming from the karate performers. In my teenage years I was only briefly a member of a Judo club. A dynamic way of developing concentration and keeping yourself in good form.

Martial arts – karate
In the light
Martial arts performance by Shorinryu – Marseille

Leaving the Jardin Botanique, an amber-yellow flower caught my attention. It was the only one of many that was fresh. The others had already withered. I recognised it. The pretty Angel’s trumpet, family of the Nightshade plants, blossoming in plain daylight.

A Nightshade bloom in plain daylight
Angel’s trumpet flower
Taiko – Japanese drum

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