Cool September Wind

Pine trees and one bare tree
Invitation for a quiet walk
Green lushness

September always keeps its promise of cooling down the summer albeit it took three more weeks this year to do so, here in the south of France. The forests of the Calanques have not been hurt by wildfires in contrast with other areas and elsewhere in the world. With September there also comes a bit of rain that brings back the freshness after the presence of the drought. Life feels lighter – in spite of remaining challenges.

Blue sky – limestone mountains – pine tree forests
Flower decor in the forest
Dried stars

Not a rare sight to see a painter paint the landscape he’s standing in. This is the south of France where for centuries painters have come to for its fabulous light and scenery. This painter stood in the diverse greenery of the botanical garden. It can take hours, days, months or more to complete a painting. Painting and photography shouldn’t be compared – although both need inspiration and the right ‘setting(s)’.

Diverse greenery
Painter in the park
Dried thistle flowers with remaining seeds

This month also gives better wind. Exquisite for kite flying and not only for children. The 36th Edition of the International Wind Festival was held in Marseille with Thailand having the honor to take the lead. The first day was cancelled for the 97km/hr strong wind. The second day came with a quiet wind. There was a-giant-jellyfish Thai-kite accompanied with smaller artistically designed ones. It was all about an uplifting lightness.

Festive flags
The lightness of kites
Launching a giant jellyfish-kite
Flying kites – a family affair

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