Spring Comes With The Call For Peace

Hiking in the Calanques
Blossoms against rocks
A deep view of the Calanques

The progress that has been made since WW2 is that most of the western world lives in freedom, we don’t want a nuclear war but we want this senseless invasion by Russia into Ukraine come to an end and Russia leave. The Ukrainians choose for truth and freedom and obviously no-one can take that away from them as it is an inherent quality of the human soul.

Wave mountains
Layered landscape
Flowing land and sea

Freedom let me keep hiking in the inviting Calanques, exploring Marseille’s diverse coastline and observing fascinating flora and fauna. Compared to last year, this year’s Spring is a bit slower and that is a good sign, it has been sunny on and off, the season has just started to show here and there a newborn leaf and bloom.

Cyclists above the city of Marseille
Dense vegetation and cyclist
Spring blossoms

The magic of Spring is in nature revealing its subtle beauty. It is inspiring to see buds unfolding into fresh green leaves and colorful pristine flowers. A friend told me that she has become a grandmother, her daughter gave birth to a baby girl. They are overjoyed. Every soul wants to be born in a world where you can grow up freely and blossom fully.

A Peony around the corner
Two Peonies
The heart of a Peony flower

Today, Avaaz joins Nobel Peace Prize Laureates and International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War in their call against war and nuclear weapons. In case you haven’t received their email and you feel like joining this call you can click here –

Support Ukraine

Pristine Bloom for Peace

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