Wild and Serene

Braving the waves
Recording the spectacle
Keeping it cool

As there is currently the winter storm Eunice raging over northern Europe, so there was a lesser storm earlier in the month in Marseille. Rather more of a strong wind, strong enough to close the national park of the Calanques to the public for three days. Strong winds on the coast mean a dramatic spectacle of crashing waves.

Rough waves
Pebble beach
Rocks and pebbles
Back to serenity

Seagulls can be impressive with their serene flight over a wild sea. They are masters of sea and wind. Unperturbed by the sudden changes in the force of the wind they keep their focus. I sometimes wonder how flora and fauna survive the harsh conditions of land, sea and weather. Of course, they are made for it and they know how to adapt.

Coastal view of Marseille
Rested and relaxed
Cactus above the fence

Another inspiring bird is the Alpine accentor that lives in the rather bare environment of the Calanques. This bird knows how to live well within the contrasts of landscape and weather. Just like the pine tree that seems to be able to do without water, it knows how to get what it needs and knows how to stay well under challenging conditions.

Calanques forest
Light line
Alpine accentor in his element

The Mimosa is also called ‘ray of sunlight’ for its long twigs holding tiny yellow ball-like flowers that shine like little suns. They are the sunshine in winter time as their abundant bouquet lights up the area where they grow. When I see tall palm trees with their trunks covered by old leaves, it must be to protect themselves against sun, rain and animals instead of dropping their leaves. They also look majestic that way.

Mimosa in the clouds
Mimosa’s rays of sunlight
A Mimosa bush among others
South American palm trees

Also the succulent Ice plant is showing its flowers of vivid pink petals and golden yellow heart. In Marseille it grows mostly along the coastline, making a colorful contrast with sea and sky. The early flowering Mimosa and Ice plants are assuring us that Spring is on its way.

Ice plant hill in bloom
The golden heart of Ice plant flowers

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