Migrating Objects

Vignette short description – anecdote – sketch – picture – story

Spring starting out
Last year’s leaf
Blooming Irises
A quiet place

Wonderful colorful Spring, stained by a senseless war with daily life carrying the burden of the latest news. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stands out, his strength reminds me of Zeus-Ammon whose statue is currently a museum feature in Marseille. Fearless strength versus falsehood. That gives hope.

That’s Spring
Redbud tree over the wall
Under the Redbud tree
Red Peony bloom

Over the past weeks, Redbud trees have been abundantly blossoming in and around Marseille. Especially in the Calanques the tree makes an act of surprise, contrasting with the dark green of the Pine trees. Although the Redbud is associated with Judas, the tree shouldn’t be blamed.

Blossoming Redbud tree in the Calanques forest

One of the current exhibitions in Marseille is Migrating Objects, a history on how pieces of art and other objects go from hand to hand and from country to country, gaining in stories and maybe ending up in your town. In life, stories can re-happen, in the same way or .. differently.

Center of La Vieille Charité
Egyptian Goddess Neith – SheKnows – Egypt 18th Dynasty
Goddess Isis-Aphrodite – Goddess of Fertility
Egyptian God Osiris
Zeus-Ammon – a combination of Greek God Zeus and Egyptian Sun God Ammon
Greek King Odysseus traveling on a raft of jugs – ceramic cup 425 B.C.

Like the story of the Greek King Odysseus, who had to flee his country Ithaca and returned home after ten years, travelling on a unique raft made of water jugs, being pushed by the breath of Boreas. In our time, in Cameroon, engineer Ismaël Essome invented the ‘ecoboat‘ uniquely made from empty plastic water bottles. Same same but different.

Center of La Vieille Charité

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