A Meaningful Fall

The Maregraphe of Marseille – measuring the sea level
Palm and sea
A quiet time on the road

Now the orange man has been defeated, the world can breathe again. It adds to a more meaningful Fall than usual. It even makes the Lockdown feel lighter. The coastal area here is a place for breathing fresh air and viewing infinity. And that’s what I do, mostly.

Within the Lockdown limits
Holding the light
Autumn’s yellow flowers

The spirit of man needs space and freedom. As of today, here in France, the Lockdown has eased, giving another reason for breathing more easily. I will be visiting my favorite area of the Calanques again. Observing how Winter will take over the season from Fall.

A Gingko Biloba tree
A walk under trees
A leaf’s life is colorful

I think we have changed in this pandemic year. Less ego and personality. Maybe more sensitive and understanding toward others. After having been confronted with our own bare self during this demanding time.

A palm tree collective
To each his own
The golden one

Soon there will be no beautifully colored leaves left. They make for a thick winter cover to become dark rich compost. Already the bare landscape of winter is visible, the sunlight less bright, the air more light and cool.

Green and red
A good place for ducks
Taking the light with them
Mind the sudden waves

We can continue with addressing the real problems of life again, like climate change, water shortages and scarcity, unseating the restless voices of conspiracy theories and fake news. Maybe we’re going to think those Lockdown periods were not that bad at all. Meanwhile, the light keeps changing.

Sailing by threes
Seagull centre
Seagulls at ease
Quiet waters

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