Changing Light

Changing light
An inviting path
The light comes from the left side

The changing light of autumn invites you to go outdoors and become part of it. A very welcome gentle light in these .. turbulent times. And I don’t take it for granted. How different the familiar looks now.

Sunlit path
Orange snail shells

Hiking in the Calanques has come to a stop due to the second Lockdown and thus, as long as city parks remain open, the day journeys get a more cultivated character. It feels like another opportunity to change our lifestyles.

Playing with wind and waves
Autumn light at the beach
From green to light-transparent

Like last year, autumn is happening fast. Leaves change color quickly, then fall. Trees become nude, revealing another alluring landscape until winter comes along to add its own design.

Still hanging on the tree
Changing colors
Sunlit fallen leaf

What was once a full blooming beauty becomes an artistically designed frame laid bare. To me, a beauty in its own right. Wait with that raking, children find in fallen leaves another playground. And so do I. It is all marvelously photogenic.

Ornamental park pot
Autumn reflection
Looks like Fall
Dried leaf on Palm leaf

It is not so hard to understand how to come out of the worldwide turbulence. We need to rise above country, culture and belief systems to find our universal truths for living on Mother Earth. It is as simple as that. 😉

Her children are in the tree
Orange light Autumn rose

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