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The strangest of years, this 2020. I received an uplifting newsletter from Avaaz who state, month by month, all the great actions they have done, worldwide. A major challenge today is the fight against disinformation spread across social media. Fortunately, plenty of people know better and what issues really matter for their country and for humanity at large.

Vieux Port Marseille
On the way to the nearby islands
Seagulls in their element
Moving on

I should not complain about this year. In spite of the lockdown and curfew periods, hiking in the Calanques has been possible even regularly. I did observe the winter taking over from the autumn season. The sunlight has now a welcome soft touch that plays through the forest trees, changing the colors and contrasts with every step you take.

The soft sunlight of the winter season
Pine Forestscape
Sunlight playing through the Pine trees
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I am very familiar with the hiking routes I take but with every weather change the views look different. It is easy to say that nature repeats itself. It does, but then with such creativity that the same scenery never look the same. There seems to be no boredom in something that is fully alive, growing, blossoming and changing. Is it because of the challenge of survival or the joy of existence?

Marseille seen from the forest of the Calanques
Sunlight breaking out from behind the clouds
A moment of brightness
Spotlit Pine forest

My visits to the Calanques in this pandemic year have helped me rediscover the true value of nature – giving good health, peace of mind, enjoyment of natural beauty and the sense of harmony. All that contributes to one’s emotional and mental well-being. In other parts of the world vast regions of forests have been destroyed this year by climate-change. Realising which things truly matter to us can trigger building back a better world. If so, the year 2020 won’t be a wasted year after all.

Man and Moon
On the Wall
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Nourishment for repose

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