On High Ground

Refreshing forest scenery at the start of the hike
More hikers on the forest path
Morning light on needle leaves
Lit pine tree needles

The day before the start of autumn, I had set as my goal to hike to the summit of Puget mountain. I wanted to get closer up there where the so-called Needle peak was. The weather forecast mentioned rain. I looked at the sky and said .. it won’t.

A mountain kissed by a white cloud
A little limestone mountain
A partridge looks up

The path on Puget mountain was much steeper than the other Calanques tracks I know. This one lead me through a more quiet and pristine area. When I came close to a ridge, the sudden sound of a fleeing flock of partridges took me by surprise. One bird had the courage to wait and see who I was. The curiosity was mutual.

The Needle of Puget mountain
A pine tree and a younger one
On high ground
Looking over the ridge

The beauty of hiking on this high ground was more picturesque views. Almost all of the walk was uphill while the path became very narrow but not impossible, giving unexpected sea views and promising sights of the Needle. I had never been this high in the Calanques as it takes more effort and the right weather.

A narrow path with its own unique view
An elevated view from Puget mountain
Getting closer to the Needle of Puget mountain

The closer I came to the summit the more fascinating the scenery. The soil was moist. The vegetation was rich. It felt like having entered a self-contained microclimate. Reaching the end of the path, I took it all in. It was a place that felt pure.

The Needle and its flora – Puget Mountain

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