Laidback Marseille

Disembarking at Vieux Port
Touching the Lavender plants in the car-free zone
All things sweet at La Cure Gourmande
Out of the Lockdown and free

With the Lockdown greatly eased, restaurants and their terraces, shops big and small, reopened, there was still something different. The crowds. Vieux Port was not crowded as usual. Neither the terraces. This was Marseille without the tourists. A city that now delightfully felt laidback.

The Capucins produce market
Face masks down for conversation
Pineapple and melon

In the car-free zone near Vieux Port you could smell the scent of Lavender, with or without face mask. Pedestrians were impressed by these modest in stature but generous in fragrance plants of the countryside. The Capucins produce market was, as usual, pleasantly crowded, people buy rather fresh fruits and vegetables than the tinned ones during the Lockdown.

Ethereal Magnolia
Like a white flame – Magnolia
Announcing the summer season – Oleander

The current protests against racism reveal how slow human evolution is. How much patience can one have? The roots of the problem lie in European colonialism and its slave trade that happened from the mid-15th century onward. Slavery was officially abolished in the 19th century in the USA but was replaced by systemic racial discrimination continuing today and what today’s protests are voicing, also around the world. It is not only an American problem. It is about time for all governments to accept that there is only one human being.

Sea and wall
Recreational life is back in the park
Purple and pink summer flowers

The summer season has arrived. People are back on the beaches and in the parks. Children are happy and full of life again. And yet, the current pandemic remains a grave challenge for all people and all countries. Greta Thunberg is sceptical about the E.U.’s climate crisis policies and is convinced that climate change should be addressed with the same urgency as is being done with the coronavirus pandemic. I couldn’t agree more. Justice for All and justice for Mother Earth.

Laidback Marseille
All green at the Calanques
Back on Nature’s tracks
Yellow flames – Broom bush

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