Almost Back On Track

Far and near at Sugiton mountain
Fresh green in the Pine forest
The subtle presence of a butterfly

What struck me during my first walk in the Calanques after almost three months not having been there, was the freshness of the green in the Pine forests and people remaining quiet, apparently deeply enjoying the solid presence of nature with its refreshing nourishing air.

White blooming ball
Tree reflection in a rain puddle

This was only a partial easing of the Lockdown with limited travel freedom. Families did not hesitate to take it with both hands and feet. The reopened parks were quickly filled with playing children. And all felt better as life extended outdoors. Again.

Mother and child ready to fly a kite
A peacock enjoying admiration again
Roses add their colorful palette to the park

The horse racing track, not far from beach and sea, was active with two-wheeled horse cart races and drew more attention than normal. Also the horses must have realised that a strange period had come to an end for man and beast and, at last, they could run as fast as they could. Again.

Weathered figures on a container at Borely Park
Two-wheeled horse cart racing near the sea
A white Calla flower under its own leaves

When I went to Cassis, I was only one of the five passengers in the coach and after arriving in the town I had not realised that the beaches were still locked off and that nobody would come to this place when restaurants would not be open. It was a weird atmosphere, completely in contrast with the normally busy crowd of visitors, hikers and tourists.

Nobody there – Cassis
A whole beach for two – Cassis
Cassis train station – empty waiting room

In June things will look better. Restaurants and terraces will open. Borders within the European Union will open to tourists. And most importantly, the E.U.’s rebuilding of the coronavirus ravaged economies will go together with tackling the climate crisis. The spirit is there to care for earth and humanity.

Wild beauty at Sugiton – Calanques of Marseille
Green between Pines
Almost back on track

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