Around The Centre

Around The Centre
MUCEM and Fort Saint-Jean – City Wall
Vieux Port’s Marina at the centre of the city

As large as Marseille is you will always find Vieux Port, the heart of the city. Where the basilica Notre-Dame de la Garde stands high, overlooking the centre. Where the City Hall, cultural sites and commerce are down at the Marina of the Old Harbor. Vieux Port can be viewed all around – 360°.

Notre-Dame de la Garde – seen from the City Wall
Sailing along the city’s centre
Blossoms on a limestone wall

It is the best part of Marseille. It combines such a diversity. Sea, sky, sea breeze, sailboats, ferries, parks, design ancient and modern, museums, commerce, activities and leisure, beauty and art … all adored by young and old.

Basilica Notre-Dame de la Garde on a hill overlooking Vieux Port
The pedestrian bridge of MUCEM leads you in via the rooftop
MUCEM marina and ferry docks
Ferry boat between Marseille and Corsica island

MUCEM – the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations is linked by a pedestrian bridge to the Old City Wall that contains the Old Harbor. The area extends into docks for ferries, leading further along the coast to industrial sectors.

After the blossoming – Thistle flowers
One stands out in the crowd
Eucomis – South Africa

Sometimes you are just lucky. One day I noticed the gates of the Jardin Botanique in Borely Park standing invitingly open. No ticket needed. You don’t have to ask me twice. There were flowers I had never seen before. At the pond of the Chinese garden I did some goldfish ‘fishing’ with my camera. Like real fishing, this also takes quite some patience, but no fish are harmed.

Bamboo at Jardin Botanique Borely Park
Golden goldfish at the Chinese garden
Resting on a wall
Goldfish collective

At my recent visits to the Calanques I heard that the Cicadas are much louder during the heat of the summer. I find their lively presence pleasant, it contributes to a sound meditation, keeping you focused. I have seen these views of sea and mountains so many times and they keep inspiring me. The play of light is every time different, so is the color of the sea.

Cicada on Pine tree
The great Puget and Belvédère view
Hikers following the track towards the sea
A winding track in the Calanques

Summertime late-evenings with sea breeze, soft-spoken people, silent runners, quiet traffic .. all contained by the gentle changing light of the setting sun. Fulfilling days come to a golden end.

Late evening – Quiet traffic
Silent runners
A fulfilling day comes to its golden end

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