Around The Block . . .

A happy giraffe in confinement
Spring blossoms not bothered by bars
No running children

As we are all in the same pandemic boat, it is becoming quite telling. The situation reveals the reality of our nations and cultures, whether there is a supportive system to take care of the citizens, or not really. It also reveals a lot about yourself, about your vulnerabilities, weaknesses, strengths and life skills.

Free hanging flower twigs
Face mask rider
Seeing purple flowers through a hedge

Being cut off from my regular walks in the Calanques, and with the beach area locked down, what can you do besides expanding your own indoor culture? With the right document and ID card it is possible here to go for a brief walk in the neighborhood. And that is what most people and I do.

A Redbud tree in full bloom
Tiny buds waiting to open
One of the early Iris flowers of the year

No complaints from me. Living in a welfare state that takes excellent care of its citizens, makes me feel more than lucky. People are caring and more than helpful. Following the news about densely populated areas and less prosperous nations, people’s worry can be about the next meal. The contrasts couldn’t be bigger. Hence, the spirit of international collaboration could prevent much harm.

Noticing the scent of Lilacs
A friendly Collared Dove
Wind creation

And that thought is what I carry with me when going around the block. Actually, blocks. Great that it is Spring and the flora in private and public gardens can be observed, although they are not accessible. I noticed that the city birds are bolder now, finding food has become more of a challenge for them.

Normally a busy intersection now quiet
Grocery shoppers on a quiet avenue
Spring leaves on a street tree

The good news about the Calanques is that the forestry department has reported that more wildlife is showing itself, now no people are allowed. So is there, worldwide, less noise, less air pollution, and cleaner waters. Exactly as the world should be in the first place. After the pandemic, Climate Neutral policies will all make sense. Meanwhile, stay safe and well.

A scented cloud of Lilac flowers
A cactus in the sunlight
A purple flower being noticed

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