Early Is The Spring

Six canoe rowers
An ice plant covering boulders on the coast

It is late winter but it feels and looks like early Spring. And we know it. In spite of the coronavirus pandemic it feels better to go outdoors than staying indoors. When viewing the activities on the sea, I noticed this beautiful ice plant growing over some boulders, enthusiastically visited by bumblebees.

Youth learning to sailsurf on quiet waters
The vivid pink blooms of the succulent ice plant

It looks that the surfboard used with a sail is also used as a platform for paddling. Either way, it is all about keeping balance when facing wind and waves. Surf teachers in motorboats keep an eye on those who lose balance and fall into the sea.

Surfing with one paddle
A bumblebee in ecstasy
A wave coming

It is to be seen how this pandemic will affect society further, as of recent all places of social gathering, schools and universities are closed in France. A very abrupt change to anyone’s lifestyle. I will see if I can continue my walks in the Calanques. Fortunately, the coastline is on walking distance.

A canoe track ending into the sea
Like being shot to the moon – Rainbow and Moon

On my recent walks in the Calanques the light still resembles more of winter than of spring though some fresh flowers tell me otherwise. The pine trees are full of buds holding new needles, but for now they remain in their pale winter dress.

Field of Yellow
Pine needles holding light

Worldwide, the impact of the pandemic is making its mark on the economy and people’s working and personal lives. Hopefully the spirit of collaboration will prevail to face this challenge effectively. Be fearless, take care of yourself, and others, and keep smiling.

Fine forest fabric
Forest composition
Forest bloom

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