How To Train Your Dragon

Full Spring in the streets
Small family going for a walk
Pink at the end of the tunnel

Obviously, the longterm conditions that the pandemic demands are not much fun for anyone. However, the unusual discipline we are forced in gives also the opportunity to learn how to train your inner dragon, by cultivating patience, expanding your field of interests and developing new skills.

From one tree to another
Cars remain parked
My favourite Iris from a distance

This time surely requires patience. I can keep to my daily walk, or two, having the enjoyment of seeing other people doing the same. Online and on tv some people predict a better world after the pandemic, others fear the opposite. Either way, they indicate change.

Almost an empty roundabout
Almost an empty avenue
Carrousel locked down at Borely park
No walk possible in my favourite park

Probably, there will be more concern on how to address the future of all humankind. Science sees abolishing the causes of climate change as the major challenge. Maybe the experience of this world lockdown helps us convince that change to a climate neutral world economy is the right way to go.

A jogger at the seaside
Kid on a bike
Seaside bush
Small family at the sea

No doubt that such drastic change requires open minded and creative thinking and collective action, scientists and governments need to work hand in hand. I don’t think there can be right or left science. Just the facts. Please.

Ornamental trees
Blooming through the fence
Say hello again to the giraffe
Sunlit leaves

What strikes me more than normally is the everyday beauty around me, how we interact with more kindness and with more humor, the colorful flowers sticking out here and there and the birds flitting around more freely. That is refreshing.

Tea roses on my way
Two Tea roses
A Tea rose at its best

My favourite walking route passes a flowering rosebush and I often take photos of it, through the fence. One day, the owner invited me in so I could take photos more easily. When the sun shines on these flowers they are truly beautiful. A yellow Tea rose signifies friendship and peace. That’s what we need.

Tea rose wonder

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