Sea Wind & Play

Feather blown by the wind
Early blossoms at the end of January

While the weather has been pleasantly mild for a winter season, one wonders what is going to come during the rest of the year. One unusual situation on this side of the planet was the coastline of western Europe having been hit by two severe storms within two weeks.

Pine trees in the line of light
Light breaking through
An Alpine Accentor at the Calanques of Marseille

One day I went into the Calanques not wearing a coat as it was surprisingly Spring-like weather. Another surprise was to notice a friendly bird coming to sit in front of me which species I had never seen before. It turned out to be an Alpine Accentor, with accentor meaning .. a person who sings with another.

February Mimosa blossoms
Learning the skills of canoeing
Fountain light drops

Sea and wind make an ideal combination for water sports. Many people of Marseille learn the skills of canoeing, sail surfing and kite surfing. Sail surfing looks quite like a balancing act while kite surfing is more of a power sport for those who are well-built.

The kite of a kite surfer
Kite surfing close to the city
Kite surfing circle
Kite surfer riding above the water
Kite surfboard

A pastime, if not a sport, that originates from south France, is Pétanque and Marseille is known for pétanque world contests. You can see this game played in many places of the city. At first look you think it is more for retired men, but at closer look you see also women and young people playing the game.

Throwing the ball at a pétanque game
Aiming carefully
Studying the end result of the game

Pétanque is played in two teams with each person having three steel balls that need to be thrown as close as you can get to a wooden target ball. You are allowed to hit the balls of your opponent team away from the target ball. When a team gains a total of thirteen points the game ends. As with all games, it takes true skills to be good at playing pétanque. Maybe only at older age, you become the best.

Pétanque players

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