Fly Like An Eagle

A Seagull makes eye contact
Spotlit windsurfer Marseille

Before a year’s end, I am mostly of higher expectations for the next year. It must be the inherent urge of any human being to want life to be better. And with the current state of world affairs there is no other choice than moving forward. The call for progress comes from within and without.

Enter the sunlit path
Group hiking in the Calanques of Marseille

Over the years more and more people come to the Calanques. They come for the same reasons as I do, for nature’s beauty and for keeping good health. The Calanques’ fresh air and peaceful atmosphere are uplifting. Young people walk fast and talk with enthusiasm. Older people go slow, talk quietly and use hiking sticks.

Spotlit branch of a Pine tree

There was a new modern art exhibition at the museum La Vieille Charité and while it did inspire, I enjoyed to view again the permanent exhibition of Egyptian art and artefacts. Somehow, I sense more depth and meaning in such art.

Entering an exhibition space at La Vieille Charité Marseille
Walking the shade line La Vieille Charité Marseille

The museum is a unique building-complex, formerly dedicated to help the needy. The dimly lit exposition spaces let you enter other worlds. I entered that of ancient Egypt. Although the past was not perfect either, there was a knowledge and a sense of beauty then that still inspires today.

Egyptian Canopic jar La Vieille Charité Marseille
Central building La Vieille Charité

The new year might seem just the continuation of the previous year, but, as they say, nothing is as it seems. There is so much energy going around in the world with people demanding true change.

Sailing in quiet waters Marseille
One man’s power with the wind

The seagulls here in Marseille can keep circling in the sky with open wings for a long time. They can look majestic then and sometimes remind me of the song Fly like an Eagle, by the Steve Miller Band, a rock band of the sixties and seventies. I want to fly like an eagle To the sea Fly like an eagle Let my Spirit carry me.

A Seagull against a blue sky

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