On The Sunny Side

Last leaves glory
Before they Fall
Magalone villa Marseille

Before you know, they are gone. The colorful leaves of autumn. By the time I got inspired there was hardly a leaf left. Fortunately, I noticed some trees here and there showing their last glow of Fall.

Fall leaves glowing
Magalone cat
A glimpse of light

Young and old, worldwide, have been protesting with climate activist Greta Thunberg who is now TIME Person of the Year. Another significant person has joined her in action, the new President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, who introduced the EU Climate Neutral plan.

On the sunny side
Reflective mood

The UN Climate Summit in Madrid had a tough ending. Strong resistance remains with major continents and countries not willing or not ready to comply with the large scale actions needed to stop global warming. The EU is set to become the leader in implementing Climate Neutral and the others will be pressed to join soon. It looks that climate action protests will continue.

Sun Lion Borély Park
The jogger

There is no doubt how complex and large scale the change needs to be. Scientists urge for global action at many levels. One of them is for farmers to diversify and gradually reduce livestock production and free up land for reforestation. Say farewell to the hamburger, but that is no hardship if it’s for saving the earth.

Light on the horizon
Corniche coastal road Marseille
Sunlit Valmer Villa Marseille

There are still people who believe the earth is flat, and there are still others who believe climate change is a hoax. If the latter thinks it is normal to keep polluting air, water and soil until there is no life possible, that would lead to a flat earth indeed.

Valmer Villa Valmer Park
Door handle Valmer Villa
Like a decorated Christmas tree

Longchamp Palace in Marseille celebrated its 150th anniversary by opening its doors to the public for a weekend of free entry. Those doors opened to the Museum of Fine Arts and to the Natural History Museum. Since I love to roam in palatial settings, I visited both museums and let art and nature inspire me.

Announcing inspiration Longchamp Palace Marseille
Alexandre et Diogène (L) and the Head of Salvator Mundi (R) by Pierre Puget 1620-1694
Natural History Museum Longchamp Palace Marseille

In the year 2020 it is hoped to see the EU’s large scale plan of Climate Neutral turn into lasting actions. May these actions spread worldwide.

Climate activist Greta Thunberg photographed on the shore in Lisbon, Portugal December 4, 2019 Photograph by Evgenia Arbugaeva for TIME

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