Youth Power

Leaders of the climate change protest in Marseille
Youth of Marseille gathers at Vieux Port
Enthusiasm rising under the mirror-ceiling at Vieux Port Marseille

The determination of teenager Greta Thunberg got the youth of the whole world moving, including the youth of Marseille. This is the generation that will face the most serious challenge mankind has ever had – the survival of the earth.

Motivated to act against climate change
Briefing on the climate change protest
All against climate change

One of the slogans ‘You will die of old age, we will die of climate change’ was my own thought too. Although for the older generation it is easy not to be concerned with the future, for people with children this should not be the case at all. So, where does it all go wrong?

Blue sign – Stop fucking your mother (earth)
On to the streets of Marseille

‘Stop burning our future’ literally refers to today’s burning Amazon rainforests, one of the most important green lungs of the earth. That is how low greed has come, or how ‘expansion of the economy’ tries to explain it. ‘Human change, not climate change’ is the most significant slogan. Our lifestyles and economic systems need to be changed, and that requires quite a change of mindset.

Green scene at Calanques of Marseille
Forest of the Calanques of Marseille
Calanques Pine forests fortunately survived two heatwaves this summer
Bell flowers of the climate-diverse Yucca

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