A Gentle Sun

View of Cassis
Picturesque living
Family courtyard

After more than three months of extreme summer weather that brought two heatwaves, the first week of September, surprisingly, showed a gentle sun. And what do we do? We go out to take a sun bath. For me it was a chance, after a long time, to make a day trip.

Chemin du Coulet Cassis
Colorful house at Chemin du Coulet
House wall art

For a short journey and enjoying the gentle sun, I had a visit to Cassis in mind. It is one of the more picturesque towns near Marseille that combines landscape, sea and culture in an inspiring artistic way.

Park site of Cassis
Old Harbor of Cassis
A high variety of boats at the Old Harbor
Restaurants on the other side

Although I was not the only one who thought of visiting Cassis, the town remains charming inspite of the high number of visitors. From the harbor, there are many options of taking a boat for viewing the Calanques along the coast line, even as far as going down to the Calanques of Marseille. I still have to plan such a boating journey as it must be a photogenic experience.

Adoration of the sun
Emerald waters of Cassis

If you know the outskirts a bit of Cassis, then you can access quiet beaches, quiet alleys, quiet vineyards and other picturesque rejuvenating spots, as these can take a little more effort to get to. Hopefully it will remain like that.

Vineyard mansion Cassis
Olive tree alley
Gentle sunlight on Olive trees

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