Momentary light
Sunlit wild flowers

From the summer sun-soaked months into the modest autumn-light season, the contrast couldn’t be greater. Meanwhile, The Guardian has appropriately changed the name Climate Change to Climate Crisis, and I have become aware of XR, Extinction Rebellion, a movement that presses the urgency for action against the current climate crisis.

One more step and .. into the light
A bird in one of the trees

I continue exploring the Calanques of Marseille and have settled on three main paths that lead to very different and as inspiring corners. Each time I need to decide which route to take I think of time and views. Another choice is the flora that varies from path to path, one is wilder than the other, and the fauna, like birds, differ.

Sunlit path
Pine clouds

On some days the walk can be completely solitary and on other days I meet many people on the way. The more popular paths are populated with hikers while the more demanding routes can mean company by the forest birds only. Those can define the choice of route. A luxury, when you prefer sometimes silence.

An observant forest pigeon
Two mountains
Autumn light

Marseille itself has enticing parks, small and large, where I like to come as well, as many others do. The cultivated landscapes and the liveliness of people make it other scenes altogether. Let’s see what this autumn is going to bring in weather and light.

Sunlit plumes
Walk in the light
Subtle autumn

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