Golden Silence

Beach volley ball Marseille

It is called the golden hour, the time around sunrise and sunset. There is the touch of silence. A sunset hour spent along the coastline can be enriching for the seabreeze, scenery and mood-changing light … and more.

A ferris wheel takes you sky high
One cabin follows the other
Ferris wheel base

It is a quiet time. One’s mood becomes part of the changing light that deepens the colors and enhances contrasts, until almost everything turns into silhouettes, backlit by the setting sun.

The view
A sea of time
Between palms

People stand out more like free individuals when the light comes from one side and they appear as silhouettes. The noise of the day lowers and the presence of silence settles.

Six individuals
Father and son
A seagull looking up

Suddenly familiar objects are different, resemble something else. There are no superficial distinctions anymore. Everyone and everything appear neutral and a hidden unity reveals itself.

Familiar objects look different
One with the sea
The touch of silence
Timeless David at the roundabout sunset

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