Peacock and Iris

Peacock with its layered tail Borely Park Marseille
Double Iris Bagatelle Park Marseille

The very loud call of a peacock took me by surprise. Where was this exceptional bird? I had often seen the peacock in Borely Park, high up in a tree, or sitting on a roof. This time it could only be heard. I waited for the next call.

Iris .. and more
Peacock Blue Borely Park

It came from the building near me. I saw the white-blue head of the peacock sticking out above the balcony wall. It seemed a safe place for the conspicuous animal. Occasionally, it showed its full tail, turning around with it, and then hopped on a wall higher up.

Iris Purple Bagatelle Park Marseille
Iris by design

On another day, the peacock was on the ground and I had a better look of its tail. Over the past weeks the Iris flowers have been announcing the Spring season with their striking color purple. Like peacocks they look bold and brilliant.

All eyes on the peacock’s tail
Iris flower opening
Enter the world of the Iris

We had Iris flowers in our garden when I was a child, and I was fascinated by their wondrous form and color. The fascination has remained. Today I try to catch the Iris in pictures. Doing so brings me back to this world of wonder.

The subtle life of an Iris
Flying Iris
The tail at the end

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