Quiet Forest

Light needles – Calanques of Marseille
Open space – Calanques of Marseille

A pine forestscape in winter has a color of its own. In the fine fabric of twigs, branches, trunks, low shrubs, and grass is a myriad of subtle colors. Much happens in and between the major shades of grey, green and red.

Forest fabric – Calanques forest
Under lit needles – Calanques forest

The lower branches of most pine trees have lost their green needles showing now only a pale grey, while the trunks look almost black. The vivid yellow flowers of the broom bushes have found their color enhancing background.

Yellow lines – Calanques forest
Between Pines – Calanques forest

Although the forest is quite bare in winter it is still dense, the sun gets fully through only in certain areas while other spots are dimly lit or remain in the dark, creating a poetry of light that changes with every angle.

Uphill lightness – Calanques forest
Bright spot – Calanques forest

A few birds in the trees and small butterflies at ground level, in an otherwise quiet forest. Absent is the dynamic sound of the Cicadas. Where are they? The winter season has been partly skipped this year with Spring starting early. How warm is the summer going to be?

Yellow fringes among Pine trees – Calanques of Marseille
Light on the tracks – Calanques of Marseille
Vivid yellow flowers of the broom bush – Calanques of Marseille

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