Late Afternoon Iris

Late afternoon Iris
Foliage filtered sunlight

Always nice to discover new angles that alter your common perception of things. By chance I passed Bagatelle Park on a late afternoon. I thought there would be no sunlight at the plot where the Irises were blooming but some flowers were still sun-kissed.

Sun-kissed Iris
Iris ready to open

The surrounding bushes and trees were filtering sunlight into the plot of Irises and only a few received the warm light. I repeated late afternoon visits several times as more and more flowers have been coming to bloom.

Sunlight entering
Behind others

This year I have been keeping a special eye on the Iris as I forgot about them last year and did not notice their seasonal flowering session. This Spring has been rewarding with good weather.

Like watercolors
Light in the heart

The Iris is all beauty, unique form and exquisite colors. They remind me of orchids, like the Cattleya. Maybe they shouldn’t be compared. The Iris also has a scent of its own, a soap-like freshness. These photo sessions have been captivating.

Exquisite form and colors
Happy Iris
Starting out

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