Luminous February

Luminous February

The beauty of the winter sun is that it gives mostly a gentle light throughout the day. Unlike in the summer, when the light gets only less bright during the late afternoons and early evenings.

A sun face on a 17th century flowerpot in Magalone Garden – Marseille
Light through palm leaves, Magalone Garden – Marseille

On my visits in the gardens and parks of Marseille, it is this light that catches my attention. You could call it shadow play but I see it as sun play, sunlight creating backlit images.

A sports ground in Marseille
A blue fence – Marseille
Sunlight playing with palm leaves, Borély Park – Marseille

It hasn’t been a real winter here, yet. No frost, no snow, but a pleasant mildly cold weather accompanied with this lovely winter sun. The roses have been blossoming for weeks because of this soft nourishing light.

Backlit palm leaves in Borély Park – Marseille

And, the Mimosa tree blossoms during February and March. Originally they come from Australia, thriving wonderfully in this mild climate of the French Riviera.

Mimosa blossoms in February and March
Quiet ducks at Jardin de la Magalone
Shadow selfie – Jardin de la Magalone

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