One Who Sings With Another

A meeting at the yellow tree
Sunlit leaves of the Gingko Biloba tree
Leaves on and below the Gingko Biloba tree

Over the past weeks I have been gathering the last ‘fruits’ of this autumn season. Some Gingko Biloba trees are still in their yellow leaves, others are half full whereas some are almost nude. During the year the tree hardly attracts attention. Although the leaves are of a unique design they are just green if not dull. But .. in the autumn, the Gingko Biloba seems to arouse, green transforms into yellow and the tree stands out and shines.

The habitat of birds
The Alpine Accentor has the Calanques as its home
Seeing food between the tiny pebbles
A visit from an Alpine Accentor bird

Visiting a specific spot in the Calanques, I was hoping to see the Alpine Accentor, the one who sings with another. While sitting and resting against a rock, the bird suddenly appeared. It came close to me as if giving his greeting. I was touched. It was no trouble following him as it seemed to be at ease with my presence. I spent quite some time, observing, and wondering how this bird could find tiny edible pieces between those tiny rock pebbles. And then .. it was gone.

Soft autumn light in the forest
A Robin gives a welcoming look
Quiet forest
The presence of a Robin

On another day, a Robin took me by surprise. It was there, at the side of the path, as if waiting, patiently, with a welcoming look. Another bird with a presence of its own. I know the plot well but hadn’t seen Robins for months. And .. the beautiful serene light of autumn brings calm to the landscape, to flora and fauna and even to people.

Light resting on the sea
Late afternoon light
Autumn sun
Autumn in the Calanques

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