Leaves of Light

Between Two Cypresses
The Serenity of Autumn
A Rooster Looks Up
Twigs and Leaves

Autumn – when green leaves change into colors that reflect the sunlight they become leaves of light. The leaves changing colors goes quite fast. The true autumn atmosphere is quite short here in the south of France. We might have one more week of this autumn splendor and then it’s nature at its barest albeit, introducing another charming landscape, that of the winter season.

Leaves of Light
A Flower Half Full
Entrance to the Inner Courtyard of Villa Magalone in Marseille
A Cloud of Colored Leaves

Autumn brings its welcome touch of serenity after the heat of the summer. There is also the sense of the end of the year. What will the new year bring? The climate crisis promises a continuation of destructive weather. There are some positive decisions taken at the Cop26, the UN Climate Crisis Conference 2021 held in Glasgow where nearly two hundred countries were represented.

Autumn Alley
Yellow in Green
Reflected Sunlight
Tree Shadow on Wall and Pillar

As you probably know, those Cop26 major decisions to fight the climate crisis agreed by 130 countries are that of conserving and restoring nature – as it is part of the solution, even Brazil agreed to this reversal of deforestation; reducing carbon emissions at the maximum possible, and keeping the ceiling of the 1.5C as the fixed target. We know this is not enough. Climate experts are not happy. Who is?

A Mediterranean Decor
Red Light Leaves Seen from a Neighboring Tree
One Tree’s Color Palette

Climate experts agree that there is no time to lose, governments, industry and businesses need to stay under pressure, that they implement the required changes in society, in energy production and in goods production – necessary to fight the climate crisis.

Quiet Autumn
The Bridge to the Other Side
Sunlit Gingko Biloba Tree
Two Palm Trees

One tree that draws my attention every autumn is the Gingko biloba. It is one of the oldest tree species, from over two hundred million years ago, they say. As it symbolises longevity, another name for the tree is The Living Fossil – it can get over a thousand years old. During the autumn season the Gingko biloba tree reveals its true beauty – an abundant golden glory.

Lady Under Gingko Biloba Tree
Gingko Bilboa Tree Receiving Sunlight
The Living Fossil
The Sun in the Tree

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