Summer Sun

Boulevard Longchamp Marseille
The bold statue of River Durance stands central at Longchamp Palace
The right wing of the Water Palace

The summer in June shifted into a heatwave that tipped the temperature scale at 45.9° Celsius / 114.6° F in the village Gallargues-le-Montueux in south France, although in Marseille on the coast of the Mediterranean sea the heat was a bit more civilised at 34° C. When I visited the Longchamp Palace in early June I sensed there was a hot summer coming.

Announcing the summer season
Longchamp Palace gallery ceiling
The comforting structure of Longchamp Palace

Longchamp Palace is Marseille’s monument that celebrates the architectural breakthrough in the mid-nineteenth century of building and connecting the Canal of Marseille to the river Durance, supplying the city with drinking water. Normally there is the splendour of an active fountain system, however, this time there was no water to be seen, either due to cleaning activities or for not wasting precious water.

Checking the new photo
A view of the basilica Notre Dame de La Garde from Longchamp Palace
A balcony with a view

June resembles the splendour of many plants coming to full bloom and the Oleander is one fo them. Like the Magnolia trees that can be huge in Marseille, the Oleander bushes can be gigantic too. For weeks the plants can produce a flow of flowers and no heatwave can stop them.

An Oleander bush producing a flow of flowers for weeks
Oleander freshness in the summer
White Oleander blossoms in the heart of the summer

Summer is a time of vacation and fun activities and people are not easily discouraged by the extreme weather. There is always a spot of shade, here, and there, while changing your step can start a dance, and all looks bearable, doable and enjoyable. Again.

Let’s dance
Sunny Trumpet vine flowers
A blooming Oleander bush flanks the horse racing track of Marseille
Yucca flower spikes embrace the sun
Shade for the Passion flower

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