Evenings By The Sea

Sea and beach – play
Keep the ball in the air
Framing the sunset
Three by the sea
I’ll drink to that – says the angler

The early setting sun. An invitation for soft-key activities. A stroll along the beach. Along the coast. Meeting up. By the sea. Cool. Fishing. Kitesurfing. Standing in the sea with friends. Keeping the ball up. For no reason. Fun. The sun lowers toward the horizon. A silence comes with it. I’ll drink to that – says the angler.

Little harbor – Vallon des Auffes
Conversation by the sea
Paddling toward the sun
A party on the rocks

Noisy it can be, while silence fuses with scene and scenery. On one side traffic. On the other, the sea. Yet, it is calm. Even runners seem to slow down. A bit. Sky colors change. The evening takes shape. It is getting darker. Yet, it is still light. The sun sinks away. Some colors intensify. Then they pale. And all turns grey. The peaceful silence will stay.

Colors intensify
Soft light summer evening
Pink sky – peaceful beach
Sun – the artist
Driving away from the sunset

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