Early Autumn Views

View Point in the Calanques of Marseille
Living on the Rocks

Early Autumn gives changeable weather in Marseille, sometimes it is refreshingly light, at other times summery warm, but we do have arrived in the season of Fall. Here in Europe, people are worried about the coming rise in the electricity and gas prices. Governments could do something useful, install solar panels on the roofs of all houses and buildings. A great switch to clean energy and energy cost reduction.

Tall Trunk Forest Path
Little Rock Design in the Forest
Path Below Branches

While extreme weather is battering numerous regions in the world, governments remain extremely reluctant in taking action. The upcoming cop26, “conference of parties” also called the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference to be held in Scotland at the beginning of November, must become a breakthrough in decision making. If you are as sceptical as Greta Thunberg is then that is telling enough what we think about our lawmakers and politicians in power.

Sailing near the Centre of Marseille
Fort Saint Jean Marseille
Fishing in the Center of Marseille
Walking between Old and New – Fort Saint Jean and Museum Mucem

Meanwhile, I keep visiting inviting Nature with a capital N, like the Calanques, and beautiful nature in cultivated places, like the enticing Jardin Botanique. For the latter you need to become a member, Online, make an appointment, and receive a digital code for entering the garden. All for free and it works. No overcrowding happens. With autumn’s light nature looks beautifully different.

One Flower Left
A Thistle Flower Let Go of Its Seeds
Chestnuts in the Hollow of a Chestnut Tree
Light and Shadow

People of over the 65 can now get their booster shot, third anti-covid vaccination, in France. The covid story is far from being over. Unseasonal weather, challenges of energy and water shortages combined with political passivity, we, Humanity, are facing the hard way of moving toward the necessary change, but change there must be. The upcoming 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference must show its teeth and start the true fight for a climate neutral Earth.

The Long View
The Path Deep Down to Beauty and Repose
Papilio Machaon

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