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Hiking in Steep Montredon Park
With and Without
The Joy of Playing the French Game Petanque

By now, I should be dancing in the streets after having received my second injection of the anti covid vaccine but another eighty percent of the population needs to be vaccinated before we get there … to that dancing part. Face masks are still required on public transport and in public places but whenever there is the right situation I take the mask off and enjoy the air directly. Did I ever think that life would bring me to this point of being appreciative of normal breathing?

Breathing Easily with Horse Power
Horses at Leisure
Dry Food for the Horse

Hiking in nature makes me conscious of the degree of my physical flexibility that has changed over the years. So far I am still doing fine. The equestrian centre that I like to visit from time to time is part of the Calanques landscape and hiking can be demanding there. It is encouraging to see older people taking this challenge for maintaining their good physical condition.

Taxi Stop at the Marseille Cathedral
Longchamps Palace Marseille

The climate crisis has come to the point that courageous teenagers around the world are suing multiple countries for their inaction against climate change. They receive support from the Global Legal Action Network. Since politicians have been too slow in this field filing lawsuits is the next step where the action against the climate crisis is going.

Testing Equipment – The Fire Brigade of Marseille
Great Sailing Weather

Such a legal step has been successful in the Netherlands where seven environmental action groups, among which Green Peace and the Friends of the Earth Netherlands, filed suit with the Dutch Court in the Hague. The Court ruled that Shell, Europe’s largest oil company, must step up its efforts in reducing carbon dioxide emissions. A big result that can have a domino effect on other oil companies worldwide.

Acanthus Mollis Flower Spikes Coming to Bloom
Light Through an Acanthus Mollis Leaf

That is the United Nations’ view of climate change, it is seen as “a threat to the human rights of our generation, posing a serious risk to the fundamental rights to life, health, food and an adequate standard of living of individuals and communities across the world.” The statement is right and hopefully suing governments and companies worldwide will contribute to the revolutionary actions needed to stop the climate crisis.

Sunlight Through an Acanthus Mollis Leaf

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