Between Seasons

Finding Your Way in the Mist
I Know the Sea is Behind There
A Ride with No View, Anyone?

Misty mornings and blue sky afternoons, all living creatures are responding to the too early Spring weather. While in most areas trees still look bare in other plots they stand in full bloom. The good thing is that this makes people feel better. In Marseille, it is only natural to go outdoors because that’s what the city’s environment is about – sea, sand and sky. The face mask brings a kind of strange unifying identity.

Temporary Wall Art
A Duck Couple
Red Bloom Unfolding

Do you also have the impression that not only Nature but also governments today look like they are between seasons? Not being sure where they are, what the future will be and if there will be uplifting breakthroughs. Can we trust politicians to solve pressing issues like social injustice and the climate crisis? Only if we expect from all Heads of governments to surround themselves with people of experience, insight and expertise and do the right thinking and the right thing.

Path in the Forest
Windward Trees
Illumined Plot
This Looks Like Spring

It is a relief to see that the Pine tree forests of the Calanques have survived the drought of last year’s summer. Apparently, the rains over the past months have been sufficient to boost everything back to full green. Trees that did not make it have been cut down by the forestry department to prevent wildfires. The resilience of nature is everlasting provided humans do not abuse and pollute, but rather protect.

One Fine Pine Tree
Canna Inflorescence Coming to Bloom
Pristine Canna Bud
Canna Bud Starting to Open

Who doesn’t like an early Spring? I am not sure about a too early summer with rising temperatures going high beyond average. On the other hand, we have to go high beyond average policies to contain the climate crisis and go radical with the measures that are truly needed, even if this means that many of our lifestyle habits need to be reduced or terminated. We, the people, are also resilient and with a little conscious approach the world can become not only a better place but maybe better than ever.

Three Ladies and a View
Comfortable Scootering Along the Coast
A Joyful White Calla Lily

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